This is the old WDFH Westchester Public Radio site, which stopped being updated when WDFH went off the air in the summer of 2013. 

WDFH is now  MEDIA FOR THE PUBLIC GOOD (MFPG).  Please visit the new MFPG site for current information.

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Mailing address

WDFH-FM 90.3

21 Brookside Lane

Dobbs Ferry, NY  10522

Get information on something you've heard


We can usually provide you with information about programming you've heard on WDFH.

  • If you hear something during a talk program, please note the topic and the date and time.

  • If you want information about music you've heard, our program hosts announce title, artist, and album name, and these announcements are generally made about four times each hour.  If you missed something, please feel free to contact us and we'll do our best find the information you need.  Make particular note of the program host's name and any other songs announced in the set, as well as any other information you hear.  Exact time and date are most helpful.

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  • Make an online pledge (using Network for Good, Paypal, or a major credit card) or send a check made out to WDFH or Hudson Valley Community Radio, Inc. to

WDFH-FM 90.3

21 Brookside Lane

Dobbs Ferry, NY  10522

Attention: Pledge

The online services deduct a percentage, so for larger gifts, please consider sending a check so that WDFH gets the full benefit of your generosity.

  • Get information about our Fundraising Committee.

  • Support WDFH:  To get information about making a contribution to WDFH (listener pledges, , etc.): 

Get on-air exposure for your business

  • Email us at      or call 914-674-0900 ext. 60.  You should also look at our media kit.

Press Releases


Please do not send press releases at this time.  When we are ready to accept press releases, we will post a separate e-mail link specifically for WDFH News.  Please note that because we cover national and international issues through programming from Pacifica and other sources, our local staff covers only local issues, so please do not include us in any mailings for press releases that are not local to the lower Hudson valley (Westchester and Rockland counties).


Public Service Announcement Requests


We are not able to offer free public service announcements at this time.  To get information about getting on-air exposure on WDFH for an event, please review our media kit (pdf) and then contact us at 914-674-0900 ext. 60 or    .


Musicians and Promoters


WDFH is not currently accepting music for airplay consideration.


Please note that our music format encompasses rock, folk, blues, and jazz.  Submissions outside these areas are unlikely to be added to our library.


For reasons of audio fidelity, we do not play music that has been encoded into mp3 or another lossy format.  Local musicians should send a CD.  Please do not send music or other attachments via e-mail.


We will post information at when we're ready to accept music submissions from the broader music community again. 

Our requests about e-mail

WDFH, like many others, has been inundated with vast abuses of our e-mail system.  E-mail can be a valuable and efficient means of communicating relevant things, but it's come to be used for way too much that is irrelevant.  Our resources are limited and we're sure that you appreciate that we're trying to put all of our effort into bringing you quality programming.

To help us sift through the muck, please type "WDFH-FM" plus the topic of your e-mail in the subject line thus, if you want to pledge, type "WDFH-FM pledge" in the subject line.  So far, the spammers haven't been able to circumvent this on a mass basis.  E-mails without "WDFH-FM" in the subject line are less likely to get read.

  • Marc Sophos (Executive Director):     . 

    Please do not send press releases, music information, or other information of a general nature.

    Please do not add this address or any other WDFH address to any e-mail list.

  • Public Service Announcements:  Please see the section on Public Service Announcements above.

  • N0 sales, pitch, or marketing e-mails, and no mass mailings or e-mail lists.

  • Plain-text only:  For security reasons, please do not send attachments.  E-mail messages with attachments are deleted without being opened.