This is the old WDFH Westchester Public Radio site, which stopped being updated when WDFH went off the air in the summer of 2013. 

WDFH is now  MEDIA FOR THE PUBLIC GOOD (MFPG).  Please visit the new MFPG site for current information.

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WDFH FM 90.3 Westchester Public Radio, just up the river from New York City in the historic village of Ossining (famous or infamous? as the home of the notorious Sing Sing Prison), is the only public radio station in the lower Hudson River valley.  We broadcast news and public affairs along with rock, folk, blues, and jazz in a freeform mix.  More about WDFH...

Program note:  Join us on Tuesday evening at 6:30 for the first program in an occasional series, Critical Conversations.  Host Di Morgan talks with members of Stonypoint 55, a group that opposes the relicensing of the Indian Point nuclear power plants.

LGBT youth issues


OutCasting, public radio's program giving voice to LGBTQ youth issues.  Thursday evenings at 6:30, Saturday afternoons at 1:00.

Watch video of OutCasters talking about what the show means to them.


Seeking new student participants:  We want to increase the number of high school and college-age people participating in OutCasting More...


Press Coverage

The Gazette (May 10, 2012)

Front page article about OutCasting in the 10/6/2011 edition of The Journal News

Westchester Magazine (November 2011)

WDFH celebrates new studio with 100+ guests

Author, columnist, activist, and It Gets Better Project co-founder Dan Savage blogs about OutCasting (10/26/2011)


Musicians at performing at WDFH

WDFH volunteers (2012-present)

Photos of new studio under construction (2010-2011)

Photos and development of WDFH's signal expansion project (2001-2009)

Equipment was stolen from WDFH's transmitter.  More info...


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A key part of community radio is community support

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Listen on your mobile device in your car or almost anywhere

Most late model car radios have an aux input jack.  With an inexpensive cable from Radio Shack or another vendor, you can plug your mobile device into your car stereo.  Or just listen through headphones almost anywhere.

Our 64k stream uses about 30 MB of data per hour.*  You could listen to WDFH for an hour a day, seven days a week, and the data usage would be less than half of a typical 2GB per month data plan.

Check your plan for details it's up to you to keep track of your data usage if you have a limited plan and don't want to have overage charges but we've had excellent results listening to WDFH online in many areas of the NYC metropolitan area.  We were even able to listen in most areas on a recent trip to Michigan!

The TuneInRadio app is available for most platforms.  There's also the Public Radio Player app for iPhones.  In either of these apps, search for WDFH and make it a favorite.

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* Proportionally less for our 24k mono stream and more for our 160k stereo high fidelity stream.  But that 160k stream sounds great and works really well on 4G phones, especially if you have an unlimited data plan!



Help save federal funding for public broadcasting



Make your voice heard on this important issue.  Congress is considering major cuts to federal support for public broadcasting.  Media coverage has focused on the impact these cuts would have on NPR, which has become a political football.

But the truth, ignored in most media coverage, is that the proposed cuts would also have far-reaching impacts on hundreds of local public and community radio stations all across the country, including WDFH.  Already, the federal program that helps support the equipment needs of public radio and TV stations has been eliminated.

Across the entire public radio and TV system, about six dollars are raised privately for every dollar of federal money, making public broadcasting a wonderful example of a public-private partnership.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting distributes federal funding to local public radio and TV stations to support operational expenses.  Although WDFH is not yet eligible to apply for this funding, we are working strenuously toward that goal.  As WDFH grows, this funding will become an essential part of our operating budget.  If the proposed cuts go through, the impact on WDFH and our ability to develop into a vibrant community institution could be very significant.

You already know that there is a big difference between commercial broadcasting and public broadcasting; if you didn't, you wouldn't be here.  Public broadcasting plays a critical role in informing our electorate through in-depth discussions of issues, a role that many mainstream media outlets have abandoned. 

To make sure your voice is heard on this important national issue, we encourage you to join the campaign and take action at


WDFH Sessions: On The Record

Musicians in WDFH's performance studio

Listen to selected sessions:


Cave Cricket Feb. 2013

Our guests in 2012:

Jackson Ridge Rodeo

Matt Turk during his solo performance at WDFH


Lynn Stein performs with Jon Burr and Vic Juris


Lisa Jane Lipkin at WDFH, 3/22/2012
Photo: Loren Maron


KJ Denhert performing at WDFH
Photo: Linda Austrian


The Jon Burr Trio


Marci Geller


Julie Corbalis


amie Shields


Curtis Becraft performing with Matt Turk


Matt Turk


Honor Finnegan performing with Carl Money


Susan Kane

Abbie Gardner of Red Molly performing with bassist Craig Akin


Aztec Two-Step Rex Fowler and Neal Shulman at WDFH, March 2012
Photo: Melinda Battle


The Folkadelics
Photo: Jeff Kent


Dania Abu-Shaheen of Starnes&Shah


Claudia Jacobs, who performed with Dan Weymouth and Greg Galluccio
Photo: Vinny Cohan

More photos, audio, and info...


Getting involved with WDFH

WDFH is an independent public radio station of the community variety, locally owned and run by local volunteers.  It's a rare breath of fresh air in these corporate-media-conglomerate dominated times, especially here in the media-saturated NYC area.

About WDFH

WDFH is operated by community volunteers.  Get info on how you can get involved...

WDFH is affiliated with the Pacifica Radio Network and is entirely nonprofit and noncommercial, supported mainly by listeners like you and by business and foundation grants.  Our FM signal reaches about 400,000 potential listeners in central and northern Westchester county, eastern Rockland, and southern Putnam, and a small part of western Connecticut [FM coverage map].  You can also listen online and on your mobile device anywhere.

Unlike most other public radio stations, WDFH is powered by volunteers who work as program hosts, writers, designers, promoters, and everything else it takes to run a radio station.  Previous radio experience is not required.  Get info on how you can get involved...

WDFH is licensed to Hudson Valley Community Radio, Inc., a tax-exempt nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.  We are a member of:



Listen on your mobile device in your car and almost anywhere

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