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Internships at WDFH

Image15.jpg (41948 bytes)
College student Farisai Kambarami on the air
during his 2004-2005 internship at WDFH

In the past, WDFH-FM 90.3 Westchester Public Radio has offered extensive internships to college students.

We are currently in a transitionary period and we are not able to offer internships at this time.

The following information is provided for background use only.  We will update this page when we are again accepting applications for internships.

WDFH offers internship opportunities to students who are eligible to receive college credit for internships.  You are encouraged to apply whatever your major.  Previous experience is always a plus but is not required.

A WDFH internship can help you develop serious, substantive experience as you build your resume.

Internships can be fun and rewarding.  You’ll be working in WDFH's professional studio facilities with creative people who have a deep interest in WDFH and its service to the public.  Depending on your abilities and interests, you can get experience in:

  • on-air work (music program host)
  • news and public affairs
  • editing and production
  • in-studio interviews and performances by musicians
  • web site development
  • marketing and promotion
  • underwriting (business support of WDFH) — a natural for business students

An internship will enable you to work at a legitimate FM radio station alongside our community volunteers, who have very diverse types of experience both in and outside of broadcasting.

Note:  If you are interested in on-air music (DJ) work, there are two additional requirements:

  • You must be familiar with the music we play (have reasonable familiarity with any two of the following: progressive/alternative rock, jazz, folk, blues).  Please visit our programming page for more detail — and listen to WDFH for a while!

  • You must also be willing to commit to a regular, once-a-week airshift for a minimum of a full calendar year (not a September to May academic year).  Please note that this time commitment would extend past the end of your internship. 

There are two reasons for this extended commitment for DJs: first, it takes a lot of time and effort to get someone ready to go on the air, and because we don't have endless training resources, we must choose to train people who are willing to stick around for a while and help us run the station.  Second, it makes the station sound disorganized on the air if people start a shift and then disappear after just a couple of months.

An internship is rewarding but it's also a serious commitment.  You’ll receive three credits for it, and the amount of work is probably about what you’d expect in a three credit course.  Specifically, the requirement is a total of 150 hours, or an average of 10 hours per week for a full semester.  Some evening work will normally be required.  And as we said, if you are interested in an airshift, the time commitment extends for a full year.

WDFH offers a unique chance for you to get substantive experience in radio broadcasting.  Take advantage of the opportunity and apply today!

The Application Process

Space is limited and interns are chosen on a selective basis.  Students in all majors are invited to apply, regardless of your experience.  Most importantly, you must be well-motivated, a self-starter willing to take responsibility and follow through with projects without needing supervision every step of the way.

If you are interested, please spend some time reading through our web site before you apply so you can get a feel for what WDFH is all about.  Specifically, you should read the Join the Staff page and the pages that are linked from it.

Important note:  To start the process, you must first apply for an internship at WDFH by submitting the application form and interviewing with WDFH before the semester starts.  If, after you have gone through this process, you are among the students accepted, you may then register for the credit.  Internships require planning on our part and we cannot accommodate students who do not go through the process.

After you have read through the web site, please download and fill out the application form and e-mail it to

Contact_Marc.gif (1495 bytes)

If you have a resume, please put it into a plain-text e-mail (not an attachment).





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