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How to join WDFH's volunteer staff

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WDFH is powered by volunteers and is always looking for new people who want to join us in our work to advance our mission.  As you will see by checking out WDFH's staff, our members range from professionals with decades of experience to people getting their very first taste of radio at WDFH.

The first step is to read our mission, below.  Then you should read through specific pages on this site, listed below,  so you can get more acquainted with WDFH.

The mission of WDFH is to help activate and enrich community in an area underserved by local broadcast media.  We are working to do this by educating and enlightening our listeners through in-depth issues-oriented programming; bridging gaps in our community by giving voice to populations and perspectives that are underrepresented in mainstream media; providing a forum for local culture; presenting a wide variety of music in a thoughtful and artistically respectful manner; connecting local nonprofit organizations in our region with each other and with the public; and empowering community volunteers to become active media participants rather than just passive media consumers.

We are committed to local news and public affairs, progressive values, and social justice issues, and we are actively seeking volunteers to work in these areas.  Current new initiatives include programs to give voice to disenfranchised minority groups, such as LGBT youth, and to spotlight progressive nonprofits in our area.

Our music programming includes rock, folk, blues, and jazz in a freeform mix.  Prospective music program hosts must have substantial familiarity with these genres.  Because we strive to provide an alternative to mainstream media, we do not play pop or other types of music that are already played on commercial radio stations.

WDFH seeks volunteers who enthusiastically embrace this mission and perspective.  We are, and must be, very tightly focused on specified target areas of our mission: developing new public affairs programs, recruiting and training new music hosts, increasing our funding base, and developing our audience and volunteer staff.  Not everyone is required to be on the air, but everyone who does on-air work is required to participate in the targeted behind the scenes areas as well.  This is an integral part of being a volunteer at WDFH.

Because of our tight focus, we are open to new programming ideas that fit into our mission; we can't accommodate program proposals that don't fit into the mission.  If you are the next hot shock jock or want to do programming similar to what might be heard in the mainstream media, WDFH is almost certainly not going to be a good fit with your interests.  But if working to advance our progressive community service mission resonates strongly within you, please consider joining our growing group of volunteers.

The pages you should read are:

If you live within commuting distance of our new studio in Yonkers and are interested in the kind of mission-driven radio we do, please send us a plain text e-mail (no attachments) and type "join the staff" in the subject area.  The address is:

As an anti-spam measure, the address is not clickable, so please type it manually into the address line of your e-mail.   Thanks!

OK you've read these pages and you're interested.  What do people actually do at WDFH?

As mentioned, with the long awaited relocation of our studio now complete, we are focusing in the following three areas: news and public affairs, music program hosting, fundraising, and promotion.

News and Public Affairs

Reporting, interviewing, generating story ideas and developing them into on-air news reports and public affairs programs.  Desired qualifications: some journalism experience or training; solid writing skills; clear speaking voice free of speech problems.

Music Programming

On-air music program host.  Qualifications: substantial knowledge of rock, folk, blues, and jazz; willingness to work within WDFH's library of 15,000 records and CDs; ability to understand technical concepts (though specific radio experience is not required); clear speaking voice free of speech problems.  The normal airshift at WDFH is three or four hours once a week; volunteers with music programs are generally expected to put in a roughly equivalent amount of time every week working in other departments in addition to their airshifts.  Experienced music program hosts may also conduct interviews with musicians during in-studio sessions.

Audio Editing and Production

WDFH program hosts (music and news/public affairs) are expected to become proficient in digital editing and production.  We provide training.


Developing local business underwriting as well as corporate and foundation support.  Working to solicit major gifts.  Working on WDFH on-air membership drives.

Off-Air Promotion

Building our audience by promoting WDFH through channels other than the station's air signal, including work on web site, social networking sites, program guide, printed promotional materials, etc., as well as attending events and talking with people about WDFH.  Qualifications: some or all of the following: solid writing skills; marketing experience; desktop publishing and other computer experience; graphics and artistic ability; social networking and web technology.

As we settle into our new facility and start to put the station on more solid financial ground, we will start work in other areas, including:

Music Department

Identifying music of interest to the WDFH community.  Screening incoming music.  Tracking and reporting airplay of new releases.  Qualifications: substantial knowledge of rock, folk, blues, and jazz.

WDFH Online

Creating content for  Helping organize and redesign the site.  Graphics.  Photography.  Video.  Web and mobile app technology.


Basic qualifications:

  • High degree of creativity;

  • ability to work reliably and under deadline;

  • ability to work well with others as well as on your own;

  • basic Windows and office computer skills;

  • solid written and verbal communications skills; and

  • a professional, self-starting, "can-do" attitude.

The Fine Print:

WDFH is a non-profit, volunteer-operated business, but it is a business and it must run like one.  So: all WDFH volunteers must be willing to make a commitment to WDFH that is "job level" in its seriousness the kind of commitment under which you tell your friends "Sorry, I can't go" if they invite you to a party at a time when you have a station work shift.

In terms of the number of hours, we obviously don't expect anything like 40 hours per week.  People working in most departments put in a weekly minimum amount of four hours at the station, though more time is always welcome, and in some cases people volunteer to put in far more than the minimum.  All on-air people are required to work on a regularly and ongoing basis in other areas of the station, including fundraising.  All on-air positions require minimum one year commitment following completion of our training program. 

New volunteers for on-air work must first work for a period of time in off-air activities.  You will be evaluated on the quantity, quantity, and consistency of your effort, the results you produce, and your ability and willingness to be a team player as well as to work independently.  Once your work is judged to be satisfactory, training for on-air work may begin.  As noted above, on-air work is expressly conditioned on satisfactory completion of off-air work on an ongoing basis.

The Fun Stuff

With all that serious stuff said, we should also tell you about the good things that come from working here.   At its best, WDFH is a fun and challenging place to work.  We are building a community, and it's exciting to be part of the creative team that is doing that.  Rather than sitting on the sidelines and merely being consumers of the media, we get satisfaction in giving back to our communities.  We become active citizens contributing our time, energy, and talents to this interesting, alternative, and often quirky out-of-the-mainstream media outlet, and raising our listeners' and our own awareness of social, political, and cultural issues along the way.   Though we have a minimum one year commitment for on-air staff, the reality is that  people often stay much longer.  If becoming part of the WDFH community strikes a chord in you, we hope you'll consider joining us.