This is the old WDFH Westchester Public Radio site, which stopped being updated when WDFH went off the air in the summer of 2013. 

WDFH is now  MEDIA FOR THE PUBLIC GOOD (MFPG).  Please visit the new MFPG site for current information.

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If your car stereo has an aux input jack, you can get an inexpensive cable from Radio Shack or elsewhere to plug your mobile device into the car and listen to WDFH through your car speaker system.

January 2013:  WDFH is thrilled to be named the Pacifica Affiliate of the month in the new Pacifica Radio app for IOS and Android.  The app lets you listen to the five stations owned by Pacifica and a small number of featured affiliates like WDFH.  You can also read and listen to news and stories from around the Pacifica network.  Watch video clips, get info about Pacifica and interact with other listeners.  Share stories, articles and your comments to popular social networking sites.

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Our 64k feed works with 3G, EDGE, and wifi connections.  Our stereo 160k stream sounds even better and is reliable with 4G service.

The 64k stream uses about 30 MB per hour of data.*  It's up to you to keep track of your data usage if you have a limited plan, but you could listen to the 64k stream every day for an hour and use less than half of a typical 2 GB per month data plan.

* Proportionally more for the 160k stream and less for the 24k stream.  The TuneIn app allows you to choose any of the three streams.


We thank Bestweb

for its longtime collaboration with WDFH and its generous donation of hosting services and support for our webcast.  BestWeb is located in Croton and can be reached at 914-271-4500. 

Support our local ISP — and thank them for their support of WDFH, Westchester Public Radio.


To listen to WDFH live, you're in the right place.  Try this link first.  If it doesn't work, alternative links are below.


  • To listen to WDFH's news and public affairs programs — OutCasting, In Focus, Eyes on Westchester, For the Greater Good, and Recovery Talk, go to

  • To listen to WDFH Sessions: On The Record (musical performances and interviews from WDFH's performance studio), go to

  • To subscribe to WDFH podcasts — OutCasting, In Focus, Eyes on Westchester, For the Greater Good, Recovery Talk, and WDFH Sessions: On The Record— go to


If you're within range of our broadcast signal, just tune your radio to 90.3 FM and enjoy WDFH in wonderful, lightly-processed analog FM stereo.  [pdf coverage map]

But lately we've heard rumors — some of them from reliable sources — that there are areas in the world that our FM signal doesn't reach.  Tips to improve reception in these alleged fringe areas are coming soon.

But if you're one of the truly unfortunate souls who can't hear WDFH over the air, you can listen online.  You'll need an audio player, which is probably already installed on your computer.  You can also get free apps to listen on your mobile device — Androids, iPhones and iPads, Blackberries, Palms, pretty much everything.  Links are along the right side of this page.

For computer listening, at least one of the following links should work, so just try them until you get one that works.  If none works, you may not have an audio player.  Try installing one from the links below.

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  • Use the HIGH SPEED links for best audio quality if you have a fast connection (cable, DSL, etc.).

  • Use the MEDIUM SPEED links for if you have a mobile or other relatively fast connection and you experience buffering or dropouts using the high speed links.

  • Use the LOW SPEED links if you have a dial-up connection.

If you have player software but still have trouble connecting to our stream using any of the links above, please send an e-mail to marc ---at--- with the subject line "webcast issue" and describe the issue.  Please provide as much detail as possible — your connection type, computer type (Windows, Mac, or something else), and so forth.

Player Software

If the TuneIn listen link doesn't work for you, then in order to listen to WDFH or any other audio on your computer, you must have audio player software.  (Common players are Winamp, Windows Media Player, iTunes, and Real Player.)   This software is probably already on your machine.

If none of the above links works for you, you may need to download player software and install it.

The fine print:  The decision to install software on your machine is solely yoursWDFH assumes no responsibility whatsoever for anything that may occur if you install new software.

The following programs are free and can be used to listen to WDFH and other audio content.

Winamp Good player.  We like it.
  Real Alternative The real Real Player (below) has lots of tentacles that can change things in your computer unexpectedly.  This ad-free alternative is much nicer to your computer.
Windows Media Player Commonly installed in Windows machines.  If yours doesn't have it, you can install it from this link.
iTunes Probably already on your machine if you have an iPod or iPhone.  This is a large, busy program that has lots of tentacles that may make unexpected changes in your computer.
Real Player If for some reason you must have the genuine Real Player, this is it.  But it's also full of ads and tentacles; beware.