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Feb Cave Cricket Kira Sassano and Kevin Yankou



July Jackson Ridge Rodeo — Mike Fitzgerald, Jon Manierre, John Caruso
June WDFH benefit concert — Giant Cicada, Hope Machine, and Phineas and the Lonely Leaves
May The Lynn Stein Trio — Lynn Stein, Vic Juris, Jon Burr
May Matt Turk
May Honor Finnegan with Carl Money
May Susan Kane
May The Jon Burr Trio — Jon Burr, Nick Russo, Jonathan Russell
May Abbie Gardner and Craig Akin
Apr Jamie Shields
Apr Julie Corbalis
Apr Curtis Becraft with Matt Turk
Apr Marci Geller
Mar Lisa Jane Lipkin
Mar Aztec Two-Step
Mar The Folkadelics Mar Starnes&Shah
Feb Claudia Jacobs Band Feb KJ Denhert
Feb Hope Machine Jan The YaYas


July Spuyten Duyvil June Fred Gillen Jr. and Catherine Miles
May Rob Morsberger May Starnes&Shah

Jann Klose and Chris Marolf

March Studio grand re-opening


Cave Cricket  — Febuary 2013

Cave Cricket, from the Bronx, New York, released their first full-length "Use Your Hands" in July 2012.  Kira Sassano (lead vocals, 6-string tenor ukelele, shruti box) and Kevin Yankou (glockenspiel, percussion) stopped by the studio to perform songs off the record.  Cave Cricket is also Steve Yankou (cello, piano, percussion).  Andrew Wasson hosts.

Kira playing the shruti box (right and below left)

Kevin (below right)


Jackson Ridge Rodeo — August 2012

Jackson Ridge Rodeo, from Valhalla, New York, recently returned from an East Coast tour supporting their recent EP, "Telling Tales Out of School."  The band consists of Mike Fitzgerald (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Jon Manierre (backup vocals, lead guitar), and John Caruso (backup vocals, drums).  Andrew Wasson hosts.


Above: Jackson Ridge Rodeo at WDFH

Right: Mike Fitzgerald

Above: Jon Manierre

Right: John Caruso

WDFH Benefit Concert — June 30, 2012

We were greatly honored to have three fantastic musical acts perform at a concert to benefit WDFH on Saturday evening, June 30 — The Giant Cicada and Hope Machine, the members of which were returning to WDFH, and Phineas and the Lonely Leaves, making their WDFH debut.  We are working on producing the audio for broadcast, but meanwhile, here are some pictures.  Very special thanks to these three very special bands.

Photos by Melinda Battle.

Giant Cicada

Hope Machine

Phineas and the Lonely Leaves

Phineas and the Lonely Leaves

WDFH volunteer Vinny Cohan hosting

A view from the control room

The Lynn Stein Trio — May 2012

As a vocal/bass jazz duo, Lynn Stein and Jon Burr explore the essence of song and minimalist arrangements.   In the trio configuration, they
have added renowned jazz guitarist Vic Juris.
Jon is best known for his collaboration over a long career with familiar names such as Stephane Grappelli and Buddy Rich, while Vic has played with the likes of Mel Torme and Joe Locke.  In addition to her excellent singing,
Lynn has established herself as an artist/painter and curator.

Broadcast dates:

  • Monday, May 28

  • Tuesday, June 5

both at 9:00 p.m.


The Lynn Stein Trio

Right:  Lynn Stein

Below left:  Vic Juris

Below right:  Jon Burr



Matt Turk — May 2012

Matt Turk is a veteran performer from the Lower Hudson Valley who has engaged audiences around the world both as a hard-rocking bandleader and as an acoustic folk troubadour.  He has shared the stage with well known artists such as Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger.  He has performed throughout the U.S., Europe, Israel, Latin America and the Caribbean.  Matt has released four solo CDs, the latest of which is American Preservation, from 2010, and is currently working on his fifth release.

Broadcast dates:

  • Thursday, May 24

  • Thursday, May 31

  • Monday, June 18

all at 9:00 p.m.


Honor Finnegan with Carl Money — May 2012

Honor Finnegan is a self-described singer/songwriter/"spunky little chick” with an outstanding voice and a songwriting repertoire that
shifts almost deceptively from playful, humorous tunes to powerful, emotional songs that tug at your heart.   Her latest CD, "The Tiny
Life," was released in January 2012.  She performed at WDFH with guitarist Carl Money.

Above: Honor Finnegan

Right: Carl Money

Susan Kane — May 2012

Susan Kane is a Westchester-based singer-songwriter with a beautiful voice, a distinctive point of view, and a knack for memorable melodies.  Her songs draw on many strains of roots music, from folk to blues to country.  Susan has played at a wide variety of well-known venues and festivals in the Lower Hudson Valley and metropolitan NYC area.  Her second and most recent CD, Highway Bouquet, was released in 2010.


Susan and Vinny in the WDFH studio


Abbie Gardner and Craig Akin — May 2012

Best known as one-third of the Americana/Folk trio, Red Molly, Abbie Gardner blends great songwriting, instrumental prowess on the dobro and guitar, and a beautiful, powerful voice. In addition to her work with Red Molly, Abbie has recorded three solo CDs, the most recent being Hope from 2011, and she has won John Lennon and American Songwriter Magazine grand prizes in recognition of her songwriting talent.

Performing with Abbie is bassist Craig Akin.

Right: Abbie

Below left: Craig

Below right: Abbie and Craig with Vinny in the foreground



The Jon Burr Trio — May 2012

Jon Burr may not be a household name, but you'll  certainly recognize the great names he has played and collaborated with over the years Charles Mingus, Stephane Grappelli, Buddy Rich, and Tony Bennett to name just a few.  

The Jon Burr Trio includes the fine playing and musicianship of guitarist Nick Russo and the 16-year old violin prodigy Jonathan Russell.  Together, they explore the heart of mainstream jazz with both original compositions and interpreted standards and are unafraid to test the genre's borders and explore music that defies easy classification.  The result is quite delightful.


Jon Burr

Nick Russo

Jonathan Russell

The Jon Burr Trio at WDFH:  Jon Burr on bass; Nick Russo on guitar; Jonathan Russell on violin.

Julie Corbalis — April 2012

Westchester resident and native Julie Corbalis is a singer songwriter who pens deeply personal songs and delivers them with a no-holds barred, gutsy style.   She appears regularly in venues througout the Lower Hudson Valley and in NYC, both on her own and in collaboration with other Hudson Valley musicians.  In 2008, she released a full-length CD, Old Flames and New Names, and is currently in the process of producing a new CD, expected to be released later this year.



Jamie Shields — April 2012

Jamie Shields is a singer-songwriter from Somers, New York, with great songs and a delightful sound.  She is in the process of recording her debut album, Lover's Boots, which will be released in late 2012.


Curtis Becraft with Matt Turk — April 2012

Curtis Becraft of Dobbs Ferry, New York, is the leader of a rollicking band, Curtis and the Dilettantes, who play regularly in and around the Hudson valley.  In 2010, they released their debut album, Tales of a Traveler.  Joining Curtis on this broadcast is Matt Turk, who will be joining us in a separate performance soon.




Marci Geller — April 2012

Marci Geller has been described by reviewers as a female John Prine and an East Coast Joni Mitchell.  Her songs reveal a life streaked with tales of survival, broken hearts, and a good sense of humor.  She released her album Box of Truth in 2008, and a new album is due out this June.


Below: Marci with WDFH host Vinny Cohan


Lisa Jane Lipkin — March 2012

Described as a cross between Diana Ross and Joni Mitchell, Millwood, NY's Lisa Jane Lipkin was weaned on the Beatles and Mahler, cut her teeth on Dylan and The Who, and was schooled in Ella Fitzgerald and Cat Stevens.  She combines great songwriting, beautiful piano, and a delicate but soulful voice to create a delightful sound.  In her third and latest CD release, Flying on Instruments, Lipkin’s wide-ranging musical influences coalesce into a unique blend of diversity and versatility.


WDFH host Vinny Cohan with Lisa Jane Lipkin

March 22, 2012

Photos by Loren Maron


Aztec Two-Step — March 2012

After taking their name from a Lawrence Ferlinghetti poem and recording the first song ever written about Jack Kerouac’s iconic American novel, On The Road,  Aztec Two-Step has been described as a bridge to the Beat Generation.  They were instrumental in ushering the music of the sixties into the 1970’s and beyond. For more than four decades, Rex Fowler and Neal Shulman have been writing and performing songs that helped make their generation’s musical memories, while inspiring a generation of young singer-songwriters.   Their are currently touring to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their first album and have just released a new CD, Cause and Effect.

Photos by Melinda Battle

Above and below left: Rex and Neal

Below right: Rex and Neal with WDFH host Vinny Cohan

The Folkadelics — March 2012

The Folkadelics, from Brooklyn, blend seemingly disparate influences such as Metallica, Nickel Creek, and Sublime to create a wholly new sound that is guaranteed to make you move.  I hope you enjoy listening to the broadcast as much as we did in the studio.  The Folkadelics are in the process of recording a new album and if you'd like to help support that process you can get more information at their site.

— Jeff Kent

The Folkadelics at WDFH — March 5, 2012.  Sam Miller (guitar and vocals), Dani Faraone (vocals), Tom Barraco (drums), Gavin Cummings (mandolin, trumpet, and vocals), Drew Kelly (bass)






Sam, Tom, Dani, Gavin, and Drew

Starnes&Shah — March 2012

Longtime WDFH friends Starnes&Shah visit WDFH for another wonderful performance.  The lineup: Dania Abu-Shaheen, guitar and vocals; Zilpha Starnes, keyboard and vocals; Nick LaBate, bass; Scott Morehouse, drums.

Dania and Nick




WDFH host Vinny Cohan, with Scott in the background


Claudia Jacobs Band — February 2012

Members of the Claudia Jacobs Band: Claudia Jacobs, guitar and vocals; Dan Weymouth, keyboards and vocals; Greg Galluccio, guitar and vocals.

Claudia Jacobs


Dan Weymouth, Claudia Jacobs, Greg Galluccio


KJ Denhert — February 2012

KJ Denhert at WDFH

WDFH welcomed Ossining's own KJ Denhert to the studio to speak with Vinny Cohan about her career in the Hudson valley and to play some of her self-proclaimed urban folk and jazz.  KJ's latest album is entitled Album No. 9, and as you may have guessed it's her 9th release.  What you may not know is that is contains 9 songs, features 9 musicians and was recorded over 9 months starting on September 9, 2009.  With that in mind, you can hear her on WDFH 90.3 on February 21... at 9:00 pm.  Who knows, maybe we can arrange a rebroadcast on the 29th to help keep with the theme.  (by Jeff Kent; photo by Linda Austrian)



Hope Machine — February 2012

The core members of Hope Machine are Fred Gillen Jr. (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Steve Kirkman (vocals, guitar), and Eric Puente (drums).  Joining them in the studio are Bill Gordon (bass) and Julie Corbalis (vocals, guitar).  They're named after the Woody Guthrie quote, "about all a human being is anyway, is a hoping machine."

The band is a fly by the seat of the pants operation that plays folk music in its purist form, without pretension, without limits, and often without rehearsal!  WDFH listeners are certainly in for treat when they tune in to hear this performance.

Fred, Eric, Bill, Steve, and Julie

Vinny Cohan at the table

Above: Bill Gordon, Steve Kirkman

Right: Fred Gillen, Jr.

Below left: Julie Corbalis

Below right: Eric Puente, Bill Gordon, Steve Kirkman




The YaYas — January 2012

The YaYas recently joined host Vinny Cohan in WDFH's performance studio.  The YaYas are a Westchester based folk-pop band featuring Catherine Miles (vocals), Jay Mafale (guitar), and Paul Silverman (piano.)   They came into being after attending a couple of informal open mic nights while attending college together.   After their second appearance, the club owner booked them for a full gig; the only trouble was that they only knew six tunes.  Rather than turn down a paying gig, they learned more songs and became a band.  (Written by Jeff Kent; pics by Melinda Battle on our Facebook page.)

Paul, Catherine, Jay

Catherine, WDFH's Vinny Cohan, Jay, Paul



Spuyten Duyvil — July 2011

Spuyten Duyvil is an eight piece ensemble whose sound wanders the last 100 years of American music, conjuring embittered civil war veterans, recalcitrant small town bawds, suicidal bureaucrats, star crossed lovers, and brave hearted fools navigating the mysteries of daily life.

Spuyten Duyvil in WDFH's performance studio.  Photo by Di Walker.



Fred Gillen Jr. and Catherine Miles — June 2011

Didn't have anyone to shoot pictures during this performance — but Fred appeared in February 2012 with Hope Machine and Catherine with The YaYas.



Rob Morsberger — May 2011

On Saturday, May 21, acclaimed Croton-based musician Rob Morsberger joined Vinny Cohan for an in-studio performance and interview.

Rob is a singer-songwriter and classically-trained composer.  His latest album, "The Chronicle of A Literal Man," was recently featured on NPR and received raves in USA Today, The Boston Globe and Herald, and more.  Writing in the Herald, renowned rock critic Kevin Convey stated that the "album is the kind of hyperliterate, pop-inflected singer-songwriter outing that went out of style when Warren Zevon died.  And… he can write a hook that could make angels weep."

In addition to his own records, Rob's sideman credits include Crash Test Dummies, Marshall Crenshaw, Jules Shear, Loudon Wainwright III, Dan Zanes, and The Roches.  Scoring/arranging credits include Masterpiece Theater, Boardwalk Empire, NOVA, and Frontline.  He is composer for the award-winning PBS series NOVAscienceNOW, currently in its fifth season.



Starnes&Shah — May 2011

Following up on their performance at our grand re-opening in March 2012, Starnes&Shah returned to WDFH in May for a more relaxed visit.

Zilpha Starnes (vocal, keyboard), Dania Abu-Shaheen (vocal, guitar), Nick LaBate (vocal, bass); Marc Sophos engineering (far left)

Nick LaBate and Heinrich Kruse

Jann Klose and Chris Marolf — April 2011

Grammy-nominated Jann Klose, who performed solo at the opening party, came back to WDFH for a live-on-air performance this time with Chris Marolf on bass and kora, a west African 21 string harp.


WDFH's Vinny Cohan (far left) with Jann and Chris

100+ celebrated the official opening of WDFH's new studio

On Saturday evening, March 12, 2011, we officially inaugurated our new studio.  With an unofficial count of 132 guests, we featured a broadcast of live performances from singer-songwriter Jann Klose and the duo Starnes&Shah with bassist Nick LaBate and drummer and percussionist Heinrich Kruse More info >

Jann Klose in WDFH's performance studio


WDFH's Vinny Cohan is at the table

Marc Sophos at the boards

Unless listed otherwise, Marc, WDFH's founder and executive director, is the session engineer for all WDFH in-studio performances.

2011-2012 studio photos by Melinda Battle, Di Walker, Sara Caldwell, Vinny Cohan, Jeff Kent.

As noted in the history of WDFH, we operated without facilities that accommodate in-studio musical performances from 2006 until late in 2010.  Performances and interviews that took place in our previous studios are listed below.



Thursday, February 23, 2006, 4:00-6:00pm:  Gary Keenan

Poet and songwriter Gary Keenan of the American String Conspiracy sang and played guitar on Christine Potter's show, February 23, 4:00-6:00 PM.

Friday, November 4, 2005, 7:00pm:   Don Brewer
brewer.jpg (76886 bytes)

Legendary Grand Funk Railroad drummer Don Brewer joined Treavor Hastings and Josephine Arce on November 4.  Don formed Grand Funk Railroad in 1968 with Mark Farner and Mel Schacher, going on to record twelve gold and ten platinum albums.   Besides playing drums, Don also writes and sings, with hits "We’re An American Band", "Shinin’ On", and "Walk Like a Man" to his credit.  He sang lead on the hit recording "Some Kinda Wonderful."

In the 1980’s, Don performed with Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band for two tours, the second (in 1987) being the largest grossing tour of that decade.  Reuniting with Farner and Schacher, Don again toured and recorded with Grand Funk from 1995 through 1998.  Now with a new GFR lineup, he is glad to be back on the road and performing as Grand Funk.

Friday, October 7, 2005, 6:30pm:  Bethany Yarrow

Bethany & Rufus are an incredible voice and cello duo who slide elegantly between soul, funk, and folk. Their new CD, to be released in the first quarter of 2006, is a stunningly simple and beautiful work, a magical blend of Bethany’s electrifying voice (a combination of the husky power of Nina Simone and the open-hearted clarity of a tiny sparrow) and the mind-blowing, genre-bending cello playing of Rufus Cappadocia.

With a deeply soulful sound, Bethany and Rufus have transformed timeless songs such as 900 Miles, East Virginia, and St. James Infirmary Blues — pushing the boundaries of American folk far into the territory of groove, jazz, and sweet soul.

Bethany Yarrow (daughter of folk legend Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul & Mary) and world-renowned cellist Rufus Cappadocia will be joined by Peter Yarrow on selected dates throughout the tour.

Bethany joined WDFH's Josephine Arce for a half hour of conversation on Friday, October 7, at 6:30pm.

Friday, September 16, 2005, 8pm:  is

is is a three piece collaboration of creative songwriters and talented musicians from upstate New York who began working together in 2003.  Currently residing in Santa Cruz, Ca, is brings to life great music that incorporates notable song writing and fine improvisational jams.

is is: Michael Friest – bass, vocals

Andrew Tuckman – drums

Pieter Van Leeuwen – keyboards, vocals

is has an extensive and unique collection of original material.  You can expect a diverse and memorable blend of songs that brings the audience together for a moving musical experience.  Soulful vocals, affecting themes and dynamic and often wild improvisations are the key elements of their sound.


Thursday, August 25, 2005, 10pm:  Richard Lainhart

Composer and electronic musician Richard Lainhart returns to WDFH-FM 90.3 on Thursday, August 25th, for a live performance of new and recent works for guitar and computer.

Lainhart has worked in the field of live interactive electronic performance for over 30 years, from the days of analog modular synthesizers and home-made instruments to the latest digital music technologies.  His most recent pieces use the Apple Macintosh PowerBook to transform the tonalities and timbres of the electric guitar into a single larger instrument or an ensemble of complementary instruments, creating music beyond the capabilities of a single performer.  More information is available at

The performance begins at 10 PM EDST (2 AM Wednesday GMT; go to to find your local time).  Join us on your radio dial in New York's Lower Hudson Valley or through the realtime MP3 stream for an evening of transcendent sound.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005, 6:30 pm: Alex Sweeton

Tune in to WDFH Wednesday, July 13 at 6:30 when singer-songwriter Alex Sweeton joins Missy Fogarty for live music and talk.  Driving... bitter... longing... beautiful... all these words come to mind when one hears Alex Sweeton, Invisible Girl.  Described as a cross between Shawn Colvin and Liz Phair, Alex has taken pop music and created songs of substance.  You won't find fluff here.   A singer-songwriter with a rock sensibility, Alex's poetic lyrics run the gamut from love to hate to family to just being a 'girl.'  Her enticing melodies combine with lyricism to create music that connects with and permanently captivates the heart and head.

Alex Sweeton will be performing with her band, Invisible Girl, at The Bitter End in New York City on Friday, July 15, 2005 at 8:00 pm.  The Bitter End is located at 147 Bleecker Street (between Thompson and LaGuardia) in Manhattan.  More information is available at (212) 673-7030 or online at

Technical production: Treavor Hastings

Thursday, June 30, 2005, 10:00 pm:  Dominic Chianese

Dominic Chianese (Uncle Junior on HBO's The Sopranos) will be joining WDFH's John Dyer for music and chat.  Dominic is an acclaimed actor, poet and musician.  In addition to his fame role on the The Sopranos, he also appeared in Francis Ford Copola's The Godfather Part II.  Dominic's new CD, Ungrateful Heart, consists of all Italian favorites since the turn of the century.  Join us for what is bound to be a great night of music and conversation.  Thursday night, June 30, starting at 10:00 PM.

Technical production: Treavor Hastings

Dominic1s.jpg (280281 bytes)

WDFH host John Dyer (left) with Dominic Chianese, performing together in WDFH's Studio 2

Wednesday, June 29, 2005, 8:00 pm:  Dania and the Antics live in performance

The beautiful and talented Dania, who marked her third appearance at WDFH just a few weeks ago with her band the Antics, performed Friday night, June 24, at The Pub in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  WDFH's Vinny Cohan, Chris Potter, Missy Fogarty, Treavor Hastings, and Marc Sophos were there to MC the event and capture it on tape — for you!  Catch the broadcast this Wednesday, June 29, starting at 8:00 PM!

Technical production: Marc Sophos
Photos: Treavor Hastings

Dania3a.jpg (316300 bytes)


venue2a.jpg (332884 bytes)

The Pub, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Vinny1a.jpg (310155 bytes)

WDFH's Vinny Cohan introducing the band.   Photos: Treavor Hastings

Soundcheck1a.jpg (329556 bytes)

Soundcheck: Dania (front), guitarist Matt Romanov, bassist Greg Belvedere, and our own Treavor Hastings sitting in on drums

performance8a.jpg (298150 bytes)

L-R: Jesse Romanov (drums), Matt Romanov (guitar), Dania (guitar and vocals), Greg Belvedere (bass)

Friday, June 3, 2005, 10:00 pm:  Dania and the Antics

Dania and her new band, The Antics, returned to WDFH for live, in-studio performance and conversation with Vinny Cohan on Friday, June 3, starting at 10pm.  Now based in Westchester, Dania grew up in northern Lebanon and moved to the United States in the summer of 2000 to study and pursue a musical career.  Dania’s music and vocal style is firmly rooted in rock and the blues.  Dania lists among her creative influences such artists as Janis Joplin, Cat Stevens, Pearl Jam, and The Who.

Joining Dania in the WDFH studios were members of the Antics — Matt Romanov on lead guitar, Greg Belvedere on bass, and Jesse Romanov on drums.

This performance marked Dania's third visit to WDFH — she was here in April and September 2004, joined by Sarah Nurbhai on violin and Matt Noble on bass.

Dania currently performs in the New York area, and her song “Try” was named a repeat finalist in the 2004 UK Songwriting Contest.  Her debut CD release "Expatriate" is heard regularly on WDFH and is available at

Technical production: Marc Sophos

Dania81.jpg (36508 bytes)

Dania (acoustic guitar and vocal)

jesse75.jpg (38388 bytes)

Jesse Romanov

greg68.jpg (39777 bytes)

Greg Belvedere (bass)

matt74.jpg (39633 bytes)

Matt Romanov (lead guitar)

Tuesday, May 3, 2005:  Moog Space Jam Live

Jordan Rudess, keyboard virtuoso with Dream Theater, returned to WDFH, joined this time by synthesist extraordinaire Richard Lainhart.  Jordan and Richard were in the studios with WDFH's Tom Donohue for an interview and live performance on Tuesday, May 3, starting at 10 PM.  They will be using old and new Moog electronic instruments exclusively, including a vintage Mini-Moog, a modern Moog Voyager Mini-Moog, and Arturia's Moog Modular V software.  Join us for a classic deep space electronic excursion.

More information:

Jordan Rudess:

Richard Lainhart:

Technical production: Treavor Hastings and Marc Sophos

Jordan47.jpg (28937 bytes)


Jordan40.jpg (37022 bytes)

Treavor (L), at audio controls, Richard, Jordan

Jordan50.jpg (38216 bytes)

Tom (L), Treavor, Richard


IMG_0912.JPG (566616 bytes)

Rachelle (with accordion) and Missy

April 27, 2005:  Rachelle Garniez

Eclectic singer, songwriter, and accordionist Rachelle Garniez joined Missy Fogarty for live music and talk on Wednesday, April 27, 2005, starting at 4pm. 

Rachelle Garniez, named “diva with a difference” by Billboard magazine, is a native of New York City, and writes, sings, and performs music in a wide variety of situations — from concert stages, clubs, and theaters to recording studios and special events.   Her compositions reflect influences ranging from the Blues, Continental, and Klezmer to Latin Jazz and Country/Western.  She has released several critically acclaimed CDs with her band, the Fortunate Few, and her original songs can be heard on film and television soundtracks.

Rachelle appeared with her band, The Fortunate Few, on Saturday April 30th at Common Ground — A Fair Trade Coffee House, First Unitarian Society of Westchester, located at 25 Old Jackson Avenue, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY.

For more information on Rachelle, visit her website at

1.jpg (171978 bytes)

David Bennett Cohen visited WDFH on
March 24 (photo: Treavor Hastings)

March 24, 2005:  David Bennett Cohen

David Bennett Cohen joined WDFH's John Dyer for an in-studio performance and interview on Thursday evening, March 24, 2005, starting at 8:00.  David has been a professional musician for more than 30 years.  Best known for his innovative keyboard playing as an original member of the '60's rock band, Country Joe and the Fish, he is an equally accomplished guitar player who has been involved in numerous music scenes throughout his varied career.

Technical production: Marc Sophos


2.jpg (181658 bytes)

David (at keyboard) with host John Dyer; Chris and Ken Potter watching through the window (photo: Treavor Hastings)

3.jpg (170651 bytes)

Marc at the console (L), David at the keyboard (C), and John at the mike (R).  Photo: Treavor Hastings.

March 28, 2005:  Leslie West

Leslie West of the group Mountain joined WDFH's Lou Cannizzaro and Treavor Hastings on Monday, March 28.  Mountain became an important force on the rock scene when guitarist Leslie West joined forces with bassist Felix Pappalardi, drummer Corky Laing, and keyboard player Steve Knight in 1969.  Thirty-five years on, their impact on rock fans remains strong.

Mountain300.jpg (965905 bytes)

Members of the group Mountain in an undated photograph.  Leslie joined WDFH hosts Lou and Treavor on Monday, March 28.   Photo reproduced by permission.

Earlier at WDFH:


TheoBen.jpg (6043 bytes)
Theo and Ben

BenMissy.jpg (6390 bytes)
Ben and WDFH host Missy

February 16, 2005: Theo Bleckmann and Ben Monder

Celebrated jazz musicians Theo Bleckmann and Ben Monder joined Missy Fogarty for an afternoon of talk and music on Wednesday, February 16, at 4:00 PM.

Jazz vocalist Theo Bleckmann celebrates 10 years of collaboration with guitarist Ben Monder and will appear with the Ben Monder Trio at the Jazz Standard on Monday, February 21, 2005. 

New York-based Theo Bleckmann is a singer, composer and performance artist who uses his three-and-a-half octave voice like an other-worldly instrument to surprise, startle, and delight.  His CD, Origami, received four and a half stars (out of five) from Downbeat Magazine, which declared him a "rising star" in their 51 critic's poll. 

Ben Monder has been on the scene for over 15 years having performed with a variety of artists, including Lee Konitz, Paul Motian and as regular member of the Maria Schneider Jazz Orchestra.

Bleckmann and Monder first started working together in ’94 as a duo and in within other musical groups and have toured the US, Europe and Asia.  Their repertoire consists mostly of originals, stretching the boundaries of what is possible technically, musically, and compositionally.  Their first CD as a duo in 1996, “no boat” (Songlines) was released to critical acclaim by the Village Voice, which called it “a disc of imperturbable cool worthy of the Bill Evans Trio.”  The emphasis throughout their work is on expression, intensity, freedom and interdependence: the male voice (sometimes multiplied by live electronics) acting as an instrument, engaged with Mr. Monder in building up layers and creating textures that blur boundaries between sound and song, improvisation and composition.)

More information about Theo and Ben is available at or

or contact earRelevant music

January 7, 2005:  Susan Kane

Susan Kane visited with Caryn Gilbert on Friday, January 7, 2005, starting at 8:00 PM.  As a singer-songwriter, Susan's style draws on many strains of roots-based music, from blues to country.  Going back to her own beginnings as a solo performer, her songs include historical ballads, blues-inflected melodies, and up-tempo country-flavored tunes.  A performing member of the Valhalla-based Tribes Hill music collective, she has been a featured artist at a number of recent festivals in the tri-state area.  Other gigs this year and last have included appearances at clubs and coffeehouses, as well as conceiving and conducting a songwriting workshop for teenagers.  In summer of 2003, Susan finished a six track CD titled Chicory Blue, with the well known guitarist, arranger, and producer Billy Masters.  A twelve track CD of all original material, So Long, also produced by Masters, was just released in July 2004.

In the last few years, Susan has also been a member — the lone chick — of a number of local rock bands, performing original material and covers in a variety of venues throughout the New York area.  She cut her songwriting chops in a roots rock band and enjoyed being a vicarious Donna Jean in the Grateful Dead cover band August West.

Growing up with her classically trained piano teacher mom, Susan naturally decided to play the guitar rather than practice Bach and Beethoven.   Her first instrument was a plastic, four string Beatles guitar, now probably worth more than her house.  Tragically, the guitar was sold in a tag sale for 25 cents in the late '60s.  After that, her mom got her a nylon string Kay with S& H Green Stamps.  But that was a long time ago.  Now Susan has a small but choice collection of Gibson guitars.

More information about Susan is available at  Thanks to WDFH's Josephine Arce for setting up Susan's visit.

January 1, 2005:  Tony Rivera

Our old friend Tony Rivera, flamenco and blues musician, joined Lou Cannizzaro in the studio during our special New Year's Day 2005 broadcast.  He also appeared on New Year's Day 2004 and during the grand opening festivities of our new studios at Mercy College in the fall of 2003.

November 12, 2004:  Real Live Girl

Real Live Girl joined Caryn Gilbert and Josephine Arce in the WDFH studios with  on Friday evening, November 12th, 2004, for an in studio interview and playing tracks from their 2004 release "Dumbing Down America."  They are a local band who list Barenaked Ladies, REM and Velvet Underground as some of their many influences.

Real Live Girl is made up by the following characters:

Vocals/Lyrics - Todd Goldenberg
Bass/Music - Tony Donato
Drums - Mike Matera
Guitar - Greg Tenzer

Fans can always look forward to something off the wall from the boys during their live shows. Whether it's 7 foot inflatable storks or visits from
costumed members of the audience, Real Live Girl will always make it

More information about the band is available at

October 23, 2004:  The Shermans

The Shermans were live in WDFH's studios at 4:00 PM on Saturday, October 23, with Christopher and Jonathan.  The Shermans are a local 4-piece band comprised of different musicians from various former bands that played out on the NYC club and concert circuit.   Those bands include The Boomchasers, Clearview and The Elliot Bailen Experience.

The band features four multi-instrumentalists who can switch easily from guitars to bass to drums to keyboards, and also incorporate percussion, banjo, mandolin, and bagpipes!

All 4 members sing lead and write songs.  The band is heavily influenced by The Beatles, as well as............................EVERYTHING ELSE!!!!!

The band members are:

Bobby O'Connor — vocals, bass
Paul McCormack — vocals, guitars
Matt Nullett — vocals, bass, guitar, and drums
Chris 'Critter' O'Connor — vocals, guitars

The Shermans are celebrating the release of their debut CD, 'Horrible, Beautiful, Scary Place', on Swingin' Labrador Records.

September 10, 2004:  Dania

Westchester-based Dania has a new CD coming out — it's called "Expatriate."  Dania, joined again by violinist Sarah Nurbhai and bassist Matt Noble, returned to WDFH for another wonderful interview and on-air performance on Friday, September 10.   Dania, Sarah, and Matt also appeared earlier in 2004 at WDFH.

Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater on the air with Tom Donohue
Photo: Treavor Hastings

July 21, 2004:   Jordan Rudess

New City's Jordan Rudess joined Tom Donohue in the WDFH studios on Wednesday, July 21.

Jordan Rudess is a member of Dream Theater, has played on record and/or on tour with Steve Morse and the Dixie Dregs, Annie Haslam, David Bowie, Jan Hammer, Enrique Iglesias, and the Paul Winter Consort. He's scored for the International Magician of the Year winner, Jeff McBride, has a two piece power duo with Dixie Dregs drummer Rod Morgenstein.  Jordan will be releasing a solo album, Rhythm of Time, on Magna Carta Records in August 2004. He also discussed Key Fest, which included a concert on July 25 at the White Plains Performing Arts Center.

June 26, 2004:  Watson

Paul McCormack, Joel Bachrach, and Paul Kmiotek from the band Watson joined Christopher Calabro in the WDFH studios on Saturday, June 26.Watson is a local four piece band with a recently released CD.  The band is comprised of former members of a few different original bands from a few years past, namely The Boomchasers, The Torpedos, The Balloon Squad, and The Box, to name just a few.   Watson is Paul McCormack (guitar and vocals), Paul Kmiotek (bass and vocals), Marc Garella (drums), and Joel Bachrach (keyboards and vocals).

Paul K, Chris, Paul M, Joel

May 28, 2004:  Rooster

Rooster, a singer/songwriter who hails from the Lower East Side of Manhattan and grew up in Westchester, joined Caryn Gilbert on Friday, May 28.   Her album is featured on WDFH.



Rooster performing at WDFH

April 30, 2004:  Josh Holmes

Singer/songwriter Josh Holmes joined Josephine Arce at the WDFH studios on Friday, April 30 for a live performance and interview.  He is a midwestern boy who names soul, blues, Motown, acid rock and folk as some of his influences.  He began playing and singing at the ripe old age of seven and hasn't stopped since.  More info on Josh Holmes at

Josephine with Josh Holmes
in Studio 2

April 2, 2004:  Dania

Westchester-based singer-songwriter Dania joined host Vinny Cohan at WDFH-FM for an in-studio performance and conversation on Friday, April 2, at 10pm.  Dania grew up in Amioun, a small town in northern Lebanon, and moved to the United States in the summer of 2000 to study guitar and pursue her musical career.  Dania’s music and vocal style is firmly rooted in rock and the blues.  Dania lists among her creative influences such diverse artists as Janis Joplin, Cat Stevens, Pearl Jam and The Who.   She currently performs in the New York area, and her song “Try” was named a finalist in the 2003 UK Songwriting Contest. 

Joining Dania in the WDFH studios were Sarah Nurbhai on violin and Matt Noble on bass.  More information is available at

Matt, Sarah, Dania, and Vinny

Dania, Sarah, and Matt performing
in WDFH's Studio 2



March 17, 2004:  Melanie

Melanie joined Cuper Vargas on the air.  Melanie also appeared at the Turning Point — read Josephine's review of the performance.


February 13, 2004:   Fruteland Jackson

Chicago-based blues musician Fruteland Jackson, who last appeared on WDFH's Random Madness with Lou Cannizzaro in February 2000.


Friday, February 6, 2004: Elisa Peimer

NY area musician Elisa Peimer, who joined WDFH's Anne Leighton in the studio.

Thursday, January 1, 2004:  Tony Rivera

Flamenco blues guitarist Tony Rivera, who also appeared solo and with his band at the grand opening celebrations for our new studios in October.

In October 2003, we inaugurated new studios with a weekend of live performances.  The musicians who joined in the celebrations were:

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