This is the old WDFH Westchester Public Radio site, which stopped being updated when WDFH went off the air in the summer of 2013. 

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WDFH press coverage


WDFH has an excellent and longstanding relationship with the press.  The following is a chronological listing of press coverage about WDFH.  We thought about putting them in reverse order most recent at top of list but just reading the headlines in chronological order gives one an almost eerie sense of the historical development of the station.

  • Eagle Echo (Dobbs Ferry High School Newspaper), 4/1/73: DFHS Radio Station, first DFHS article by Marc Sophos

  • Eagle Echo, 12/1/73: Making Waves, update on DFHS effort

  • Eagle Echo Extra, 12/1/74: What About the Radio Station, update on DFHS effort

  • Eagle Echo, 1/1/75: WDFH, complete summary of DFHS effort

  • Home & School News, 3/1/75: DFHS Radio Station Stymied, update on DFHS effort

  • Home & School News, 4/1/75: DFHS Radio Station, update on DFHS effort

  • Eagle Echo, 6/1/75: A Dying Signal, end of DFHS effort

  • The Herald Statesman (Gannett Suburban Newspapers), 3/26/80: Dobbs Ferry stands to gain a radio station, new WDFH studio

  • The Enterprise (weekly serving Dobbs Ferry, Hastings, Irvington, and Ardsley), 12/24/81: Local Radio Station to Air, cable pre-sign-on

  • The Enterprise, 12/24/81: Letter to the Editor in support of new cable station WDFH, by William Sussman (President, Dobbs Ferry Council for the Arts), William F. Williams (Dobbs Ferry Village Administrator), Gino Gualandi (Hastings Superintendent of Schools), Gisela Knight (Dobbs Ferry Village Trustee)

  • The Enterprise, 12/24/81: Letter to the Editor in support of new cable station WDFH, by Neil P. Hess (Hastings Village Manager)

  • Eagle Echo, 3/1/82: Local Station Hits Cable, cable sign-on

  • The New York Times, 4/25/82: About Westchester, cable sign-on

  • Gannett Suburban Newspapers, 3/10/85: New Waves get the old college try, new music article featuring WDFH

  • Suburban People (Gannett Suburban Newspapers Sunday Magazine, cover story), 7/13/86: Static in his Attic, history of WDFH and cable operation

  • Eagle Echo, 4/1/87: WDFH, cable update

  • Broadcast Management/Engineering (trade magazine), 12/88: Good Engineering in a Small Package, general article about WDFH

  • Monitoring Times, 6/90: American Bandscan: Magic in the Attic, general article about WDFH

  • Monitoring Times, 3/93: American Bandscan: FCC grants WDFH's FM application

  • The Enterprise, 1/22/93: The little radio station that could, FCC grants WDFH's FM application

  • Radio World (trade paper), 2/10/93: FCC License Fulfills a Boyhood Dream, FCC grants WDFH's FM application

  • Eagle Echo, 4/30/93: WDFH, FCC grants WDFH's FM application, DFHS background

  • Gannett Suburban Newspapers, 7/29/93: Turning up the juice, FCC grants WDFH's FM application

  • The Gazette (Croton and Ossining-based weekly), 9/30/93: Radio station planned for Ossining, FCC grants WDFH's FM application

  • WNBC-TV Channel 4 New York City, 10/8/93: feature report on FCC granting WDFH's FM application

  • Continental Cablevision News Ossining, 10/31/93: feature report on FCC granting WDFH's FM application

  • The New York Times, 12/12/93: 26 Years Later, a Young Man's Vision Finds an Audience, FCC grants WDFH's FM application

  • Westchester County Weekly, 12/16/93: A Sound Alternative, FCC grants WDFH's FM application

  • North County News, 3/9/94: An industry serving two gods, sidebar, FCC grants WDFH's FM application

  • The Gazette, 10/20/94: Radio antenna sparks debate

  • The Gazette, 10/27/94: Radio antenna is 'safe' for area, guest editorial by Marc Sophos

  • The Gazette, 10/27/94: letter to the editor in support of safety of antenna, by Elizabeth McCormick

  • The Gazette, 7/13/95: Local radio station ready for air, FM sign-on

  • Gannett Suburban Newspapers, 7/15/95: WDFH takes to air on wing and prayer, FM sign-on

  • The Gazette, 7/20/95: photo with caption, FM sign-on

  • Suburban Weekend (Gannett Suburban Newspapers), 7/27/95: Across the Dial, FM sign-on

  • The Enterprise, 7/28/95: Dobbs man's dream realized, FM sign-on

  • Westchester County Business Journal, 7/31/95: Ossining entrepreneur Marc Sophos playing a different tune, FM sign-on

  • FMedia!, 10/1/95: Aural delight in lightly processed stereo, FM sign-on

  • The Gazette, 10/5/95: Remembering John Lennon, WDFH's John Lennon special program

  • Suburban Weekend, 10/5/95: Across the Dial, John Lennon special

  • Suburban Weekend, 12/14/95: Across the Dial, debut of WDFH's Sunday Night Jazz program

  • The Gazette, 12/14/95: Sunday Night Jazz offered

  • The Gazette, 5/23/96: Radio tower proposal withdrawn

  • The Citizen Register (Gannett Suburban Newspapers), 5/23/96: Radio station seeks new site for antenna

  • The Enterprise, 11/22/96: Plug pulled on Dobbs man's radio station

  • Westchester County Business Journal, 11/25/96: Despite losing studio, Ossining's WDFH may return to air soon

  • New York Daily News, 6/19/97: Ossining's tiny WDFH sending distress signals

  • The Journal News (Gannett Suburban Newspapers), 4/12/99: Ossining's WDFH radio struggles to stay on air

  • The New York Times 7/15/01: A Wandering Radio Stations Finds a Home at Mercy College  VIEW ARTICLE

  • Rivertowns Enterprise, serving Dobbs Ferry, Hastings, Irvington, and Ardsley, issue of 10/24/03.  Reprinted by permission of Rivertowns Enterprise.  All rights reserved.  Read article (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

  • The New York Times Westchester Section, Footlights Column, issue of Sunday, November 16, 2003.