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WDFH's new studio under construction (2010)

In early 2010, WDFH held a public meeting in Chappaqua, New York, to introduce the station to people in areas we hadn't reached before our 2009 signal expansion.  In connection with this public meeting, The Journal News published a major front-page story about our struggle to re-establish the station following some major setbacks, including the loss of our previous studio space in 2006.

The newspaper story was read by a community-minded citizen who was moved by WDFH's story of community service and perseverance.  This citizen made a major donation to WDFH that made it possible for us to lease space for a new studio.  Below are pictures of our work to build a studio in that new space.  We hope you join us in extending our most heartfelt thanks to our anonymous and extremely generous donor.

On a related note, the village of Ossining gave us space to store our studio equipment and furnishings in a building owned by the village between 2006, when we lost the previous space, and 2010, when the new space became available to us.  We are also most grateful to the village, its former mayor, Miguel Hernandez, its current mayor, Bill Hanauer, and the entire Village Board.

Our new space June 2010.

The moving crew June 2010.  L-R: Kyle Perry, Matt Robinson, Troy Bass, Lou Galarza, Marilyn Sophos, Ryan Perry, Kyle Smith.

More movers WDFH volunteer Vinny Cohan, his son Sean, and volunteers Vince Polywoda and Cuper Vargas.

Volunteers Daphney Mickle, Missy Fogarty, and Dave Foster.

The carpet, console and cabinets in place July 2010.  The carpet was generously donated by Suburban Floors of Mount Kisco.

The console and cabinets in place July 2010.

Above: The console and cabinets in place July 2010.  The cabinets were donated by NPR in 2007 and were originally located in NPR's New York Bureau on Second Avenue.

Right:  Wiring the console August 2010.  This console was originally the on-air console at WQXR.  It, two similar consoles, and a lot of other equipment was donated to WDFH by The New York Times when it sold WQXR.  Click here to see this console while it was still installed in WQXR's on-air studio.

More studio wiring August 2010.

Getting the console ready August 2010.

The edit station August 2010.


The studio nearing completion with the record racks in the background August 2010.

Above:  The studio nearing completion with the music library in the background October 2010.

Left:  Console installation completed!  August 2010.  This console (a Pacific Recorders BMX-III) was originally in the on-air studio of WQXR, the classical station of The New York Times.  It is one of three BMX consoles that The Times donated to WDFH in 2010.

WDFH's music library October 2010.

Dave Foster sorting records December 2010.

Marilyn Sophos staining the backs of the CD cabinets December 2010.

Vinny Cohan working in the new studio February 2011.

Vinny Cohan in the studio February 2011.

Our interview table.

The studio under new track lighting.

Starnes&Shah performing at WDFH's grand studio re-opening March 12, 2011.

Jann Klose performing live on WDFH at our grand re-opening in front of 100+ guests March 12, 2011.

WDFH founder Marc Sophos mixing the Starnes&Shah performance at the grand re-opening.  (As Chief Engineer, Marc got to do all of the wiring that makes everything work.)

Jann Klose and Chris Marolf performing live at WDFH April 1, 2011.

Music program hosts Dave Foster and John Dyer

Eyes on Westchester host and photographer extraordinaire Melinda Battle

John Dyer The Deacon

Photos: Marc Sophos, Melinda Battle, Sara Caldwell